April 12 to 19, 2015 - Doha, Qatar


What is the Congress?

United Nations Congresses on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice have been held every five years since 1955. The Congresses brings together high-level representatives of Governments, representatives of inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, criminal justice professionals and scholars of international repute to discuss common problems, share experiences and seek viable solutions to problems related to crime prevention and criminal justice.

The Thirteenth Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice will be held in Doha, Qatar from 12 to 19 April 2010. The venue of this Congress will be the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) which has high speed internet access, concessions stands, ATM cash machines, information desks and the most up-to-date conference center equipment and facilities available. It is arguably one of the top conference facilities in the world. The staff is experienced in hosting international conferences. The QNCC Website is:

Who will attend?

Most of the 193 Member States of the United Nations are expected to send their top justice officials to the Eleventh Congress. In addition, distinguished criminal justice practitioners, together with experts from Institutes affiliated with the United Nations, along with their counterparts from the private sector will participate in specialized workshops and ancillary meetings. All aspects of crime prevention and criminal justice will be discussed and participants will present both official governmental positions and current research results.

Criteria, terms and conditions for exhibits:

a) Compatibility:

All exhibits to be displayed must be compatible with the character, purposes and principles of the United Nations, in both content and presentation. Themes of exhibits should have a direct relationship or relevance to the goals or activities of, or promote issues of concern to the United Nations, especially the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Exhibits of Qatar organizations and business and of a cultural nature may also be displayed.

b) Security and Registration:

Because of the expected caliber of participants, that may include Heads of State or Government, Government ministers, heads of criminal justice agencies, as well as some of the world’s most respected experts, security considerations require that all exhibitors be accredited through the usual United Nations process and registered as individual experts. That process of individual accreditation of exhibit booth staff will be facilitated by the Congress Exhibit Coordinator, Gary Hill in conjunction with the United Nations Office on Drugs. All exhibitors from Qatar must also be approved by the government of Qatar – this will be facilitated by the Congress Exhibit Coordinator.

c) Exhibition area and size of exhibition booths:

The exhibition area is expected to be a very high traffic area for all participants. It is anticipated that due to the large number of international media attending, and the length of the Congress, exhibitors should be prepared for media interest in their displays, products and services.

Unless special arrangements are made, each exhibition booth will be partitioned into three sides and measure nine square meters. Each booth will contain a table, two chairs, waste paper basket, fascia signage, lighting, internet access and one power socket. Additional furniture and facilities will be available from the Convention Center at standard commercial rates. Location information on individual exhibits will be provided to Congress delegates.

d) Costs:

Each 9 square meter booth, equipped as described above will be provided at normal commercial rates. Normal booths, partitioned on three sides, nine square meters, with a table, two chairs, waste paper basket, fascia signage, lighting, internet access and one power socket are $2,000 for commercial exhibitors, $1,000 for government exhibitors and $500 for non-profit organization exhibitors. When an application is approved and all the requirements are known, exact cost information will be provided. Some discounts will be given to non-profit organizations, United Nations Organizations and National Governments. If the exhibitor requires additional facilities, they will be made available at standard commercial rates. Exhibitors will be publicized at the Congress and to the media.

Exhibitors must make their own arrangements and cover all costs related to delivering, insuring, storing, installing, maintaining, dismantling, crating and shipping their exhibits, as well as for storage of shipping and packing cases during the exhibit. The Exhibit Coordinator will provide technical support and information as appropriate.

Exhibitors are responsible for making any special arrangements, e.g. those relating to security, with the Exhibits Coordinator or the Convention Center, adhering to instructions on technical and logistical matters, and for paying all non-covered costs incurred in the use of the premises and support services provided by the Center. They must also agree to pay for any damage caused during installation or dismantling to property of the United Nations, the Convention Centre or other exhibitors.

e) Social programs:

As each exhibitor will be registered as an “individual expert”, he/she will have access to all open Congress meetings and venues. Exhibitors will also be invited to any official Congress social events hosted by the government of Qatar or United Nations organizations.

f) Services:

Exhibitors will be able to utilize the services available for individual experts which includes access to a lounge area with high-speed computer access and a staffed office with individuals knowledgeable about United Nations and Congress activities and procedures.

g) Visa requirements:

Information on visa requirements for Qatar in connection with the Congress is available from the Qatar Embassy or Consulate in your home nation. The Qatar web sites for the Congress contain other useful information for participants and can be found at:

Technical Information for Exhibitors

Questions or requests for information should be sent to:

13th UN Crime Congress Info

Doha, Qatar
April 12 to 19, 2015
official site

Exhibit Application Forms:

We realize that many who are considering hosting an exhibit may be in a planning stage and will not have much of the information asked for on the form. Therefore, fill out as much as you can, concentrating on the subject and a brief description. Once accepted and as the Congress approaches, you will be asked for more detailed information.